Summer Rock Camp

TJ’s Music is excited about our new Summer Rock Camp Program. The Program is designed to teach students how to work together as a team In a musical setting, and to have a basic idea of all the different avenues there are in the music industry.

Our Program will consist of several workshops. In our workshops, students will have a chance to work in our Recording Studio, not only learning about recording and getting hands on experience with state the art equipment, but also getting a chance to record their own voices and instruments. We will be building a stage, putting bands together and performing songs in groups. We will have song writing classes together; students will learn how to write songs and create melodies. Students will get an understanding of song writing and learning some aspects of theory. All students will have the opportunity to try each instrument and learn the fundamentals about Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Vocal.

At TJ’s Music we feel that this aspect of learning is important for Students not only because of the awesome experience they will have but the knowledge that they will gain while doing so. It will give them a better understanding of what avenues there are in music which in turn will help them with the choices they want to make as they think about their careers as musicians and entertainers.

We have been involved in several different areas of the music industry and would like to give students who come to our Summer Rock Camp Program a good understanding of all the different avenues there are in music and to provide them with actual hands on experience. We feel this is of great value when it comes to making choices about what you want to do in life as you get older.

Our Summer Rock Camp Program runs from Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm. Parents that need to drop off earlier can do so, please contact for more details. The total cost for the week will be $150.00 plus tax which We do believe is a tax right off. The cost per day works out to roughly $30.00. The age group for this Program is from eight years old and up. This Rock Camp Program is open to the public so you can tell friends and family to join you if they are interested they can sign up to. We have already had a great response so please let us know as soon as you can by filing out the form below and sending it back by email. Method of payment would be cheque or cash.

Thanks TJ!

Sign-up Sheet
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